Board of Directors

The current Board comprises Malcolm Barnett (Chairman), Ray Churcher (Vice Chairman),  Jane Burke, Arthur St John Simpson, David Charles, Sue McMain, Mike Chambers  and Mike Dunne.

The Secretary is Hobdens Property Management Ltd.

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The Board is organised with the following responsibilities:

Chairman Malcolm Barnett
Vice Chairman Ray Churcher
Finance Sue McMain
Planning & Developments David Charles & Mike Chambers
Security Mike Dunne
Ground Maintenance, Greensward, Dog Bins, Grass Cutting Ray Churcher
Tree Maintenance,
Tamarisk Hedge
Arthur St John Simpson
Roads, Paths, Drains,
Road Sweeping & Signage
 Road Safety Working Group  Mike Dunne
 Health & Safety  Mike Dunne
Contracts &  Legal liaison Sue McMain
 Newsletter,  Website
Communication, Meet & Greet
 Jane Burke


The following residents help on a regular basis:


Tree Maintenance  Terry Burke
Roads  Colin Cartwright
Roads & Drains Terry Burke

A team of 22 who distribute the Newsletter

Bill Petrie
Vanessa Bennett
Fiona Champion
Peter Duffield
Jan Wingfield
Nick & Teresa Croston
Caroline Frake
Brian Daley & Nadia Birch
Jackie & Geoff Broadhurst
Graham & Linda Amos
Teresa Hawkins
Gerry & Theresa Price
Colin & Margaret Cartwright
Arthur St John Simpson
John and Julie Brooks

A team of 6 who act as signatories for the nightly guards

Graham & Linda Amos
Steve Robinson
Sarah Leighton
Gerry & Theresa Price