Board of Directors

The current Board (as of August 2019) comprises Ray Churcher (Chairman), Terry Burke (Vice-Chairman), Arthur St John Simpson, Sue McMain, Brian Daley, Martin Mandelbaum, Malcolm Barnett (co-opted) and Julia Robinson (co-opted).

The Secretary is Hobdens Property Management Ltd.

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The Board is organised with the following responsibilities:

Chairman Ray Churcher
Vice Chairman Terry Burke
Finance Sue McMain
Planning & Developments Brian Daley
Julia Robinson
Malcolm Barnett
Security Ray Churcher
Grounds Maintenance, Greensward, Dog Bins, Grass Cutting Vacancy – Ray Churcher covering this in the meantime
Tree Maintenance,
Tamarisk Hedge
Arthur St John Simpson
Roads, Paths, Drains,
Road Sweeping & Signage
Terry Burke
 Road Safety  Brian Daley
Health & Safety, Contracts, Legal liaison Martin Mandelbaum
Newsletter,  Website  Vacancy
Meet and Greets Julia Robinson

Thanks to the following residents who kindly help on a regular basis with newsletter distribution, weekend gate closures, communications and as signatories for the security guards:

Graham & Linda Amos
Graham & Riette Ardern
Dr Brian & Jackie Arthur
Vanessa Bennett
Nadia Birch & Brian Daley
Jackie & Geoff Broadhurst
John & Julie Brooks
Jane Burke
Simone Burke & Casper Williams
Colin & Margaret Cartwright
Fiona Champion
David & Rosemary Charles
Nick & Teresa Croston
James Douglas
Amber & Sean Drew
Peter Duffield
Caroline Frake
Maureen & David Fraser
Teresa Hawkins
Val & Duncan Howse
Sarah Leighton
David and Wendy Morgan
Andrew Nicholson & Fiona Woodyat
Bill Petrie
Gerry & Theresa Price
Beryl & Roy Rathbone
Colin & Andrea Redman
Arthur St John Simpson
Linda Waites
Niall & Jan Wingfield
Fred & Sue Young
Mike Chambers