By 2010 it had become obvious that some areas of the Estate suffered from flooding during very wet periods so an investigation was initiated into the surface water drainage on the Estate. It was found that many of the drains were blocked preventing the water from draining away harmlessly. Further work was necessary to alleviate the problems.

On more detailed investigation it was found that blockages were due to, a build-up of soils and rubbish from the roads, the ingress of tree roots and collapse of the whole drain. During 2010 some of the worst blockages were dealt with and a plan prepared to resolve the remaining issues. The total cost of this exercise was £49,000 in 2010.

In 2012 a further major exercise was undertaken to resolve most of the remaining issues at a cost of £70,000. At the end of this there were still a few issues to sort out and these were done in 2013 at a cost of £12,000.

We now have the drains checked about every twelve months so that we do not get into the poor state that existed in 2010.

The Drain Work Schedule gives an idea of the amount of work that was done in 2012

November 2018 update

Work will begin during the week of the 10th December to repair a main drain under Tamarisk Way.  The drain will be repaired by lining it with an extra strong plastic.  This method is approved by Arun District Council and avoids the need to dig up the road.

At the same time, an area of the middle twitten will be excavated to deal with blockages in the pipe.  A new inspection chamber will be installed at the Tamarisk end of the twitten to enable proper maintenance in the future.

Works are scheduled for the week of 17 December for our contractor Sweeptech to clean the 187 gulleys we have across the Estate, jet the culverts and sweep the roads.

January 2018 Update: 

Three sea outfalls originate from the Estate (Pigeonhouse Lane, Angmering Lane and West Ridings).  These were originally drainage ditches, but over the course of time these have been largely culverted. There is also a ditch/culvert around Michel Grove, which exits onto Sea Lane. If you have a ditch or culvert going through or under your property, then you are considered to be a “Riparian Owner” and as such have certain responsibilities. You are probably aware of these, but more information can be found in the document ‘Good Practice for Watercourse Maintenance’, which can be found on the WRA  website.

Watercourse Maintenance Document 

During remedial work on the sea outfalls, Arun Council identified a collapsing surface water drain under Tamarisk Way.  It also identified foreign matter in the drain at the bottom of Middle Walk, as well as some undocumented and unauthorised connections to the culverted drain. These need to be investigated further and corrected.

Arun Council will be installing soakaways on the beach to ensure the correct water flows away from the Estate. Once this work is complete, the upstream culverts and ditches will need to be checked to identify any corrective action necessary.