The WRA looks after the surface water drains on the estate roads but not the sewage drains, which are the responsibility of Southern Water. All drainage, both foul and clean, within a property’s boundary is the responsibility of the property owner and may be covered by the owner’s home insurance policy. If there’s a problem with the foul drainage, it’s always best to contact Southern Water in the first instance. They provide a 30-minute consultation but are only responsible for the drains outside the property boundary, except in cases of shared drainage with an adjoining property.

Three sea outfalls originate from the Estate (Pigeonhouse Lane, Angmering Lane and West Ridings).  These were originally drainage ditches, but over the course of time these have been largely culverted. There is also a ditch/culvert around Michel Grove, which exits onto Sea Lane. If you have a ditch or culvert going through or under your property, then you are considered to be a “Riparian Owner” and as such have certain responsibilities. You are probably aware of these, but more information can be found in the document ‘Good Practice for Watercourse Maintenance’, which can be found on the WRA  website.

Watercourse Maintenance Document 

Drainage systems have required considerable expenditure over the years. Further drainage improvements are needed to combat flooding on estate roads. A major drainage reconstruction project was undertaken in November 2021 to combat flooding in The Ridings and The Roystons. The funding is being collected through the estate rate.