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This is where you will find up to date notices and information about the Willowhayne Estate

Road Safety Working Group

Following concerns raised at the 2017 AGM, regarding speeding on the estate, a working group has been set up, consisting of ten residents and chaired by a WRA Board Member.  The working group will focus on improving road safety across the estate, to ensure that residents can enjoy the benefits of the estate and walk and cycle safely.  It will examine options for consideration and adoption by the WRA membership.  The first meeting of the group was held on October 3rd 2017 and a follow-up meeting is planned for the end of November.

Regular updates will be provided to residents via newsletters and the website.

The first Road Safety Working Group’s newsletter has now been distributed to each household on the estate and can be found under Functions > Roads and Paths on our website.

We welcome your feedback, thoughts and any suggestions you may have in relation to this work.  Please email us at or write to Road Safety Working Group, c/o Hobdens Property Management, 41a Beach Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5JA

Willowhayne Estate rules

As requested at the AGM, residents are reminded that the rules for the Willowhayne estate can be found on the website under ‘Functions > Rules and Regs.’  A summary of these rules can also be found in the September 2017 newsletter.

Western Entrance to the Greensward

Due to difficulties experienced by some residents in accessing the Greensward via this gate, the closer has now been removed. 

Director vacancies

We are still looking for more people to come forward and take on the responsibility of becoming a WRA Director.   Full Board meetings are normally held every two months and Directors generally give around four hours a week on top of that.  To find out more, please do get in touch with us, via Hobdens. 

Grass verges – reminder

We would remind anyone who is considering the possibility of planting, growth, walls, fences or any other obstruction on the verge outside their property, of the need to check with Hobdens first – to ensure what you are planning is permissible.  In the majority of cases there is a requirement to leave a clear grass verge of at least 15 feet wide.  All residents of the Estate have a right of way over this area, so it must not be obstructed by planting or growth.  Please therefore check before you do anything on your verge. 

Security on the Estate

During the month of June, there were a spate of car break-ins on the estate and a shed was broken into.  All of the incidents were reported to the police and our Security firm was alerted.  We understand that some of these cars had been left unlocked.  Our advice would be to keep your vehicles locked overnight to deter opportunist thefts, and to leave it unlocked may invalidate an insurance claim.  As well as informing Hobdens, please always report any break-ins to the police as it may result in extra patrols. 

Keeping in contact

As part of our efforts to streamline procedures and communications, Hobdens has asked residents to supply an email address.  Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending future invoices, individual correspondence or where we need to collectively send communications.  Details will not be used for any purpose other than WRA business and will most certainly not be put on any marketing list!  If you are happy to provide your email for these purposes, please send your details to Hobdens at 

Door to door traders

If you have been approached by door to door traders and feel concerned in any way, please report directly to the police.  It would be helpful if you could copy Hobdens in on the correspondence so that Willowhayne residents are kept aware of any possible issues.