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This is where you will find up to date notices and information about the Willowhayne Estate

Estate Rates reminder

Please note that the 2018 Estate Rates are now due for payment.  If you are paying by bank transfer, please ensure you include your WRA reference number and use the correct bank details as given on the invoice.  Many thanks. 

Grass verges 

There are a number of grass verges on the estate where there is no kerbstone and there is a tendency for the grass to encroach on the road. Please could owners of these verges ensure the edges are trimmed to prevent the grass growing over the road surface. This should reduce the risk of vehicles driving on the grass verge and will improve the look of the estate.

A reminder as well that, due to our lack of pavements on the estate, residents have a right of way over the grass verges, so it must not be obstructed by planting or growth.  Please check before you consider planting or putting up walls or fences on the verges outside of your properties, and check with Hobdens to ensure that what you are planning is permissible.


A significant number of road repairs were carried out on the estate during 2017. However, budget constraints meant that some repairs had to be held over until 2018. These repairs, together with areas identified subsequently, will be scheduled once the weather improves.

The main works will require closing West Ridings, at the junction with Angmering Lane, for a period of up to four weeks.  However, the full scope of the repairs will depend upon the budget remaining after essential drain repairs on Tamarisk Way and Middle Walk (see below).

Excluded from 2018 activity is any remedial work to the tarmac surfaces on Angmering Lane and Tamarisk Way, where signs of surface cracking and glazing are starting to appear.  The options range from a series of ad-hoc repairs, through the application of a surface dressing to complete resurfacing. These options will be considered and costs established over the next 12 months.

Also excluded for 2018 is the project to replace the worn sealant joints on the concrete roads with materials that are more resistant to cracking. Good seal joints can prevent water entering and causing the base to erode and crack.  All repairs over the last two years have used this material and the results have been excellent. Again, budgetary considerations will dictate the pace at which this work can be carried out. 

Road repairs – have a say!

If there are any areas of the estate roads you feel should be included for repairs over the next year, please can you let the directors know, via Hobdens. 

Road Safety Working Group

The Working Group has now met on two separate occasions and carried out various surveys to address the issues raised in its initial newsletter in October. Once more survey work has been completed, the Group will aim to draw conclusions based on empirical data and put forward any proposals that are considered worthy of wider consideration.  There will be further updates from the Working Group in due course.   The first Road Safety Working Group’s newsletter can be found under Functions > Roads and Paths on our website.

We welcome your feedback, thoughts and any suggestions you may have in relation to this work.  Please email us at or write to Road Safety Working Group, c/o Hobdens Property Management, 41a Beach Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5JA


Three sea outfalls originate from the estate (Pigeonhouse Lane, Angmering Lane and West Ridings).  These were originally drainage ditches, but over the course of time these have been largely culverted. There is also a ditch/culvert around Michel Grove, which exits onto Sea Lane. If you have a ditch or culvert going through or under your property, then you are considered to be a “Riparian Owner” and as such have certain responsibilities. You are probably aware of these, but more information can be found in the document ‘Good Practice for Watercourse Maintenance’, which can be found on the WRA  website.

Watercourse Maintenance Document 

During remedial work on the sea outfalls, Arun Council identified a collapsing surface water drain under Tamarisk Way.  It also identified foreign matter in the drain at the bottom of Middle Walk, as well as some undocumented and unauthorised connections to the culverted drain. These need to be investigated further and corrected.

Arun Council will be installing soakaways on the beach to ensure the correct water flows away from the estate. Once this work is complete, the upstream culverts and ditches will need to be checked to identify any corrective action necessary. 

Noisy neighbours 

Residents have the right to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of their property and anything that prevents this may be classified as ‘nuisance’.  This might include barking dogs, noisy children or the use of noisy machinery.

From time to time the WRA is asked to intervene in a situation where a resident may consider they are being subjected to unreasonable noise from their neighbours.  However, the WRA is not in a position to judge what is or isn’t unreasonable and cannot enter into disputes of this kind.  Our advice is for the resident to find out firstly whether the noise problems can be resolved by talking to the person responsible.  This informal approach could help maintain good relations between neighbours.  If this doesn’t work, they could contact Arun District Council’s Environmental Health Service, on 01903 737755, who will try to help to resolve the issue.  A very useful leaflet entitled ‘Noisy Neighbours’ can be found on the Arun District Council website.

Arun District Council (Noisy Neighbours) 

Arun District Council (Noisy Neighbours) PDF Version

Please do not feed the foxes 

The subject of foxes has been, and always will be, emotive, with those people who love them and encourage them by feeding versus those who feel they are vermin and should be deterred.  During the summer, there has been a rise in the number of occasions that foxes have been spotted around the estate. However, there are at least a couple of known cases of residents’ dogs that are suffering severe discomfort from a skin infection, which has been diagnosed as fox mange.  At least one of these dogs is always walked on a lead, with his only contact with foxes being in his own garden or along the verges of the estate’s roads.  Whilst we cannot control the number of foxes on the estate, we would strongly discourage you from leaving out food for them.  More information on the unpleasant condition of fox mange, including the effect it has on dogs, can be found on the Internet.

Keeping in contact

As part of our efforts to streamline procedures and communications, Hobdens has asked residents to supply an email address.  Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending future invoices, individual correspondence or where we need to collectively send communications.  Details will not be used for any purpose other than WRA business and will most certainly not be put on any marketing list!  If you are happy to provide your email for these purposes, please send your details to Hobdens at 

Door to door traders

If you have been approached by door to door traders and feel concerned in any way, please report directly to the police.  It would be helpful if you could copy Hobdens in on the correspondence so that Willowhayne residents are kept aware of any possible issues.

Director vacancies

We are still looking for more people to come forward and take on the responsibility of becoming a WRA Director.   Full Board meetings are normally held every two months and Directors generally give around four hours a week on top of that.  To find out more, please do get in touch with us, via Hobdens.