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This is where you will find up to date notices and information about the Willowhayne Estate

Stop Press updated August 2019 

Roads and Drains – Important Update!

Please be aware that Middle Walk, leading from Tamarisk Way to the Greensward, will be closed for a few weeks from 9 September to allow for a new drain to be installed.  This essential work is part of Arun District Council’s programme to ensure that the main drains and culverts, running from the top of the Estate to the sea, are repaired and properly maintained.

Plans are underway to resurface Tamarisk Way.  This work will commence on the 29th October 2019.  Work will start at the Tamarisk Way gate end and should take less than three days to complete.  We are in the process of contacting the utility companies to check their plans for any major works on the Estate, other than for emergencies, in the foreseeable future.  Emergency services will be informed prior to the work starting and provision will be made for emergency access.

Residents will also be aware of the condition of the road by the gates at the end of The Ridings onto Sea Lane.  The road surface is in very poor condition and the Board intends to repair this area of road at the same time.  This will require these gates to be closed for approximately two weeks, as the road will need to have a new base laid and kerbs will need to be re-installed. This work will start on the 21st October, to allow for the digging and preparation, and resurfacing will take place at the same time as Tamarisk Way, providing the WRA with a significant saving.  Diversions will be in place during these works.

Residents who are likely to be most affected by these road works will receive letters at the end of September, reminding them of the work and asking them not to have contractors working on their properties for the days that the work is taking place.  They will also be reminded that, if they need to use their vehicles during this time, they will need to park their cars away from the works.

We are very mindful that these works will cause some short-term disruption to residents and we would be very grateful for your patience, co-operation and forbearance during this time.  However much our contractors will work with us to mitigate noise and inconvenience, this type of work cannot be carried out without a certain amount of disruption.  If you have any specific queries or concerns about any aspect of the work, please contact us via Hobdens.

Board Update

We are still desperately in need of new directors to help on the Board with a broad range of responsibilities.   If you have skills which you feel might be beneficial, please contact us via Hobdens.  All Board members work as part of a team but are given areas of individual responsibility according to strengths and expertise.  We would love to hear from you, whatever your background might be, and would be very happy to arrange an informal chat.

Our specific vacancies at present are:

  • Communications, which includes keeping the website information up to date, with the help of our website designer, writing the newsletter and meeting and greeting new residents;
  • Greensward and Grass Cutting, which involves liaising with contractors to ensure our shared areas are maintained;
  • Security

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 

The Willowhayne Residents’ Association’s AGM took place on 17th July 2019 at 7pm, at East Preston Infant School, Lashmar Road, East Preston, BN16 1EZ.

The budget for 2020 was discussed and residents were told of the need for ongoing improvement and maintenance work of our Estate roads. To enable this to be carried out in the most cost-effective and efficient way, the Board was proposing a significant increase in the Estate Rates. Two options were put forward to members, with Option 1 being the Board’s preferred option.

Following a full discussion, members voted for Option 1 to be carried.

Option 2 was an alternative to Option 1 but was not needed as Option 1 was carried.

Three Special Resolutions were proposed.

Resolution 1 was to tidy up the wording of a paragraph in the Memorandum & Articles of Association, relating to the audit, that was missed in last year’s amendments.  Members voted in favour of this resolution.

Resolutions 2 and 3 were proposals to install a total of three speed tables in Angmering Lane, to help calm speeding in this area of the Estate.  These two Special Resolutions were both defeated by an overwhelming majority of members.


  • Malcolm Barnett (Chairman) resigned after completing his six-year tenure. The Board thanks Malcolm for his considerable contribution and dedication to his role as Chairman and in finance over the past six years;
  • Mike Chambers resigned to pursue other interests. The Board extends grateful thanks to Mike for his hard work and professionalism in dealing with planning and development on the Estate;
  • Martin Mandelbaum, Brian Daley and Terry Burke were elected as Directors.

There was an appeal for residents to join the Board as there are several vacancies.

Informal discussions 

After the meeting, there was an informal discussion and then residents enjoyed drinks and nibbles, and a chance to chat with neighbours and the directors.

Papers for the AGM 2019 are held on the WRA website in the password-protected Residents’ Area. The Minutes of the meeting will be added to these papers in due course.

Communicating with the Board

Apart from the Annual General Meeting, the directors are looking at other opportunities during the year for residents to discuss items they deem to be of Estate importance.  We are considering offering an informal meeting, perhaps early in the new year, where directors will be available to discuss queries, issues and to give advice to residents.  If you think this might be useful, please let us know. 

Tamarisk hedge cut

Contractors have been engaged to give the tamarisk hedge its annual trim, beginning at the end of August.  This is an arduous task, given the enormous length of the hedge, which is likely to take at least a week to complete.  Residents using the greensward are kindly asked to give the contractors their co-operation and stay clear of the vehicles and machinery.  The Board is grateful to the residents on the south side of Tamarisk Way for contributing half the cost.

Nature round-up

We often get feedback on our newsletter articles relating to nature and encouraging native wildlife.  To this end, we have set up a new page on the website, under News > Nature Round-up, where articles and items will be available for your information.  We hope you will find this section helpful, informative and, at the very least, thought-provoking.  The documents attached have been sent in by residents – this is your page, so please feel free to send information and ideas to us, via Hobdens, for inclusion.

Estate Verges 

Residents have a right of way over all verges on the Estate and we encourage them to use them instead of walking in the roads.  The Board is addressing the issue of obstructed verges, so please let us know if there are areas where the verges are blocked.  We aim to improve pedestrian safety on the Estate roads in the absence of any additional speed reduction measures.

We ask that you keep your verges clear so that pedestrians, including wheel chair users, strollers and mobility vehicles, can use them safely when there is traffic around. This means cutting back bushes, hedges, over-hanging trees and not obstructing safe passage with decorative stonework.

Any accident involving a pedestrian where access is not available would be a serious matter for everyone on the Estate.  The WRA will contact residents where it is deemed there is a Health and Safety issue that needs addressing.

Roundabout at entrance to Angmering Lane

The grassy roundabout at the entrance to Angmering Lane is owned by the local authority, although the WRA has chosen, until now, to pay contractors to keep the grass cut regularly.  However, due to costs and some safety concerns, the Board has made the decision to discontinue doing this.  The local authority has been notified of this decision and have now taken on responsibility for cutting the grass.

Vehicular access to the Greensward

Please note that vehicular access to the Greensward is not permitted without authority from Hobdens.  If such access is required for maintenance or other purposes, at least three working days’ notice should be given and arrangements will be made for the bollards to be removed.  Residents should ensure the bollards are replaced whilst any work is carried out and should leave the site clean and tidy.  Residents will be responsible for any damage caused by vehicular access.  Please note that the Greensward does get very wet at times and access will not be granted during these periods, other than in an emergency

Calling all dog owners! 

Out of courtesy to verge owners on the Estate, we would ask dog owners to do their best to ensure their dogs do not foul the grass verges.  Where they do, please scoop up afterwards. There are plenty of poo bins on the Estate and on the Greensward.

South Strand Public Conveniences – HELP NEEDED!

One of our residents has asked for attention to be drawn to a request for help to keep the public toilets, near the beach huts on South Strand, open. These public conveniences are threatened with closure due to lack of funding from the Parish Council.  A group of interested parties has formed to secure pledges of funds so that the toilets can remain open.  If you would like to make a donation, however small, or would like to find out more, please contact George Schlich (

 Building alterations 

Can we please remind you that the WRA must be notified of any proposed construction work to homes, including cosmetic changes, for example cladding and solar panels etc.  This also includes any landscaping to your gardens and driveway.

Please notify Hobdens Management Services of any changes you might be planning, or if you have any queries relating to your proposed planning application.   

Help the hedgehogs!

Hedgehogs have now been spotted out and about on the Estate in the evenings, and so we would ask all residents to keep a careful look out for them and strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for them.

This includes:

  • Driving carefully at dusk and nightfall to prevent running them over – even more reason to observe the 20mph (or less) speed limit;
  • Provide easy access into and out of gardens, for example, by digging small holes under fences;
  • Supplementing their natural diet with cat or dog food (wet or dry) or specialist hedgehog food. Note that dried mealworms, some seeds, bread and milk are extremely harmful to hedgehogs and could kill them. Shallow dishes of fresh water dotted around the garden are life savers.

If you see a hoglet/hedgehog in the daytime, it may be because it is sick. If you can catch it (always wear gloves), please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890801 for advice on what to do. They will probably put you in touch with a local carer. WADAR is an excellent local charity that can give advice and information.  If you find an injured hedgehog, Fitzalan vets’ Littlehampton branch and Grove Lodge in Worthing will treat free of charge.

Speed Limit on the Estate – a reminder! 

There are no footpaths on the Estate, hence there is a greater risk to the safety of pedestrians.  To protect pedestrians, there is a 20mph speed limit in place, which we would ask you to please observe and to advise any visitors or contractors to do the same. A recent survey of our Estate roads showed that over 70% of those exceeding the 20mph speed limit were residents.  Please do all you can to ensure anyone visiting your premises is aware of the speed limit and help us to maintain a safe environment for everyone. 

Keeping in contact

As part of our efforts to streamline procedures and communications, Hobdens has asked residents to supply an email address.  Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending future invoices, individual correspondence or where we need to collectively send communications.  Details will not be used for any purpose other than WRA business and will most certainly not be put on any marketing list!  If you are happy to provide your email for these purposes, please send your details to Hobdens at