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This is where you will find up to date notices and information about the Willowhayne Estate

Stop press updated September 2020

Security alert

A house in The Ridings was broken into on 12 August while the owners were out, and a considerable amount of damage was done. This just goes to demonstrate that burglars are regularly targeting the estate. The board members reiterate their advice to residents to remain vigilant and securely lock their premises, gates, sheds, garages and vehicles.

Annual general meeting

The AGM was deferred to 14 October 2020 because of coronavirus restrictions but, with continuing uncertainties over the regulations for such gatherings, the board has decided to conduct the AGM business solely by email and post. Further information is given in the residents’ area of this website.


In order to protect the estate roads from damage caused by heavy lorries, the board has issued a new regulation prohibiting lorries with a loaded weight of more than 26 tonnes from using estate roads.


Reports have been received of children using e-scooters (electric motor-powered scooters) on estate roads. One child was heard bragging to another that her scooter could reach a speed of 15mph. Please be aware that e-scooters are only allowed to be used on private land with the landowner’s permission. The WRA doesn’t permit the use of scooters on our roads as they’re considered a hazard to the scooter users themselves as well as to pedestrians and other road users.

New three-way stop sign junction on Angmering Lane 

As part of continuing efforts to improve road safety on the estate, a new three-way stop sign junction is in place at the junction with Michel Grove. This has replaced the mini-roundabout, which was said by residents to be ignored by a number of road users. With the three-way stop system, cars must stop at the junction and allow the first car there to proceed first. Please play your part by observing the new rule and contributing to safety on our roads.

New estate rules 

After careful consideration, the board has issued a revised version of the estate rules to remove inconsistencies in previous versions and address current issues. The new rules may be found on this website under  Rules.

Willowhayne website 

The board is aware that the present structure of the website could do with improving to make items easier to access and eliminate certain inconsistencies. Work is under way on revising the website.

Speeding cyclists

Residents have raised concerns about cyclists speeding on the estate, especially on Saturday mornings. The cyclists are often travelling at speeds that appear to exceed the estate’s 20mph speed limit. They appear to be from cycling clubs, so Hobdens has asked two local clubs to ensure that their members are not using the estate.

 Building applications

A recent review of building application charges has revealed inconsistencies and ambiguity, so the list of charges has been revised to eliminate these. These revised charges apply to all applications to the WRA for approval of building or landscaping work from 1 January 2020. The WRA website has been updated to show these revised charges.

In addition, the WRA website has been updated with the addition to the guidance in respect of building applications information on issues such as the placement of skips and sheds, swimming pools and hot tubs and various other matters.

Buildings Application – Rev January 2020

Keeping in contact

As part of our efforts to streamline procedures and communications, Hobdens has asked residents to supply an email address.  Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending future invoices, individual correspondence or where we need to collectively send communications.  Details will not be used for any purpose other than WRA business and will most certainly not be put on any marketing list!  If you are happy to provide your email for these purposes, please send your details to Hobdens at 

Letting of properties on the estate

We have had several questions about the letting of property on the estate. This is governed by the covenants on all properties which essentially state:

  • Properties cannot be used for carrying on a business, trade or employment of any sort;
  • They cannot be used as a nursing home or boarding house;
  • They can only be used as a private residence for a family and servants;
  • Residents must not do anything which may cause a nuisance to neighbours or any other estate residents.

As far as letting is concerned, the WRA take the view that a property being let under an assured shorthold tenancy Agreement, with a minimum term of six months, is providing a residence for a family and is acceptable. Other types of letting or commercial use, including holiday letting and Airbnb, is considered running a business and is not acceptable. Any letting or use that causes a nuisance to estate residents will be considered unacceptable.

Nature round-up

We often get feedback on our newsletter articles relating to nature and encouraging native wildlife. To this end, we have set up a new page on the website, under News > Nature round-up, where articles and items will be available for your information. We hope you will find this section helpful, informative and thought-provoking. The documents attached have been sent in by residents – this is your page, so please feel free to send information and ideas to us, via Hobdens, for inclusion.

Estate verges 

Residents have a right of way over all verges on the estate and we encourage them to use them instead of walking in the roads. The board is currently addressing the issue of obstructed verges, and our thanks go to those residents who have cleared their verges in response to our request. However, there are still a number of areas where verges are overgrown and pedestrians would not be able to use them, if necessary. Any accident involving a pedestrian, where access is not available, would be a serious matter for everyone on the estate.

We therefore ask that you keep your verges clear so that pedestrians, including those using wheelchairs, strollers and mobility vehicles, can use them safely when there is traffic around. This means cutting back bushes, hedges and over-hanging trees, and not obstructing safe passage with decorative stonework.

The WRA will contact residents where it is deemed there is a health and safety issue that needs addressing. Please let us know if there are areas where the verges are blocked.

Calling all dog owners! 

Out of courtesy to verge owners on the estate, we would ask dog owners to do their best to ensure their dogs do not foul the grass verges. Where they do, please scoop up afterwards. There are plenty of poo bins on the estate and on the greensward.

Building alterations 

We remind you that the WRA must be notified of any proposed construction work to homes, including cosmetic changes, for example cladding and solar panels, etc. This also includes any landscaping to your gardens and driveways.

Please notify Hobdens Management Services of any changes you might be planning, or if you have any queries relating to your proposed planning application.

 Speed limit on the estate – a reminder! 

There are no footpaths on the estate, hence there is a greater risk to the safety of pedestrians. To protect pedestrians, a 20mph speed limit is in place, which we ask you to please observe and to advise any visitors or contractors to do the same. A recent survey of our estate roads showed that over 70% of those exceeding the speed limit were residents. Please ensure that anyone visiting your premises is aware of the speed limit, and help us to maintain a safe environment for everyone.