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This is where you will find up to date notices and information about the Willowhayne Estate

Stop press updated April 2021

Estate rates

Invoices for estate rates were sent out to residents at the beginning of January for immediate payment. Regrettably, some residents have still not settled their accounts, causing problems relating to the budgeting of essential maintenance work on the estate, as well as extra administrative work.

Residents who haven’t paid their estate rate bills during March will receive a reminder for which an administrative charge of £20 will be added to their bills. For each bill that continues to be unpaid, a second reminder letter will be sent – and a third, if necessary – with a £20 administrative charge added on each occasion. For any account that hasn’t been settled after the third reminder letter, the board will be forced to initiate court proceedings.

New director

The board is pleased to welcome Alan Clarke as a new director. Alan is leading a team of volunteers reviewing a range of issues concerning the access arrangements to the estate.

Departing director

Julia Robinson is moving away from the area, so is relinquishing her role as planning director. The board thanks Julia for all her hard work on behalf of the WRA during the past two years and wishes her much happiness in her new home.

Shared road space

For the safety of all road users, residents are urged to ensure that they, their visitors and contractors adhere to the 20mph speed limit and comply with other road signs. Under the Highway Code walkers are advised to walk on the right hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic, so that they’re not surprised by silent cycles and electric vehicles coming up behind them.

There have been reports of near-misses on the estate roads during the hours of darkness with drivers only seeing pedestrians at the last minute. Pedestrians are advised to make themselves clearly visible by wearing high-visibility clothing and carrying a torch when walking on roads in the dark.

Recreational vehicles 

Residents are politely reminded that no recreational vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, camper vans or similar large vehicles may be parked anywhere on the estate. This requirement is listed as Rule 9 under the Rules section of this website.


Openreach technicians have recently been working to improve broadband access on the estate. The board is very dissatisfied with the way the company has reinstated the road surface after their excavations in The Roystons. The board is seeking to arrange an on-site meeting with representatives of Openreach to discuss what can be done about this.

Gate closures

Following easing of the government’s lockdown restrictions on 29 March, the WRA was able to resume weekend gate closures from Saturday 3 April. The board has decided to introduce a new procedure on a trial basis for future bank holidays, with the Angmering Lane entrance being closed from 8am on the Sunday to 6pm on the Monday. This procedure will be subject to review at the next AGM.


East Preston Parish Council’s news bulletin of 28 January warned that it’s against the law to use a privately owned e-scooter. Privately owned e-scooters may only be used on private land that’s not accessible to the public and with the landowner’s permission. E-scooters are therefore not permitted anywhere on the Willowhayne Estate. For more details, go to the government website

Scams and frauds

Arun District Council has prepared a leaflet with advice on avoiding scams and frauds. Key messages are never to disclose personal or bank details to strangers who telephone or email you, and never to click on links in unexpected emails.
In some parts of the country criminals posing as NHS workers have been claiming to offer covid-19 vaccinations and charging a fee. The real NHS is not knocking on doors and does not ask for payment. If anyone arrives making this claim, don’t allow them into your house.

Some residents have received an email that appears to come from TV Licensing, asking them to renew their direct debit mandate with their bank by clicking on a link.  This email is a fake and should be deleted. Do not click on any links it contains.


In the area governed by Arun District Council, fireworks are not permitted between 11pm and 7am except until midnight on 5 November, 1am on New Year’s Eve, 1am on Chinese New Year and 1am during Diwali.

Road drainage

The road gullies were cleared of leaves and other debris by Sweeptech on 8 and 9 December 2020. Investigations are continuing to remedy the persistent problem of flooding that occurs in The Roystons after heavy rain.

Solar panels

The board is aware that some residents have received a mailing about solar panels from Arun District Council. Installation of solar panels is a matter for the individual property owner and does not require WRA approval.


In order to protect the estate roads from damage caused by heavy lorries, the board has issued a new regulation prohibiting lorries with a loaded weight of more than 26 tonnes from using estate roads.

 Keeping in contact

As part of our efforts to streamline procedures and communications, Hobdens has asked residents to supply an email address.  Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of sending future invoices, individual correspondence or where we need to collectively send communications.  Details will not be used for any purpose other than WRA business and will most certainly not be put on any marketing list!  If you are happy to provide your email for these purposes, please send your details to Hobdens at 

Estate verges 

Residents have a right of way over all verges on the estate and we encourage them to use them instead of walking in the roads. The board is currently addressing the issue of obstructed verges, and our thanks go to those residents who have cleared their verges in response to our request. However, there are still a number of areas where verges are overgrown and pedestrians would not be able to use them, if necessary. Any accident involving a pedestrian, where access is not available, would be a serious matter for everyone on the estate.

We therefore ask that you keep your verges clear so that pedestrians, including those using wheelchairs, strollers and mobility vehicles, can use them safely when there is traffic around. This means cutting back bushes, hedges and over-hanging trees, and not obstructing safe passage with decorative stonework.

The WRA will contact residents where it is deemed there is a health and safety issue that needs addressing. Please let us know if there are areas where the verges are blocked.

Calling all dog owners! 

Out of courtesy to verge owners on the estate, we would ask dog owners to do their best to ensure their dogs do not foul the grass verges. Where they do, please scoop up afterwards. There are plenty of poo bins on the estate and on the greensward.