Maintenance of the Estate road network

The maintenance of the Estate road network is an important part of the Willowhayne Resident’s Association’s (WRA) remit, as the state of the road impacts both the perception and the value of our homes. The road network consists of both concrete and tarmac roads. Typically, planned road repairs are carried out on an annual basis, with ad-hoc repairs only being carried out when necessary.

Concrete roads are repaired with concrete, and tarmac roads are repaired with tarmac. Residents must not carry out any repairs to any roads maintained by the WRA.

All contractors working on behalf of the Utilities must have prior approval before work starts and must reinstate the road in accordance with WRA repair specifications. This is particularly important for the concrete surface roads.

The WRA regularly carries out visual inspection of the roads. However, residents are encouraged to notify Hobdens of any issues they spot across the Estate at any time, either by email with a photograph attached, by phone or in writing, with relevant details.

Typically, repairs are grouped to maximize the contractor set-up costs. Repairs are prioritised based on severity to ensure budgets are optimised. Quotations will be requested from contractors for a defined work schedule for the appropriate work to be undertaken.

November 2019 update

The work to resurface Tamarisk Way has now been completed and looks much improved.

The work to resurface and repair the area of asphalt between Sea Lane and The Ridings continues and should be complete by the middle of November.  The Tamarisk gate will remain open during this time to enable extra access on to and off the Estate, and weekend gate closures are suspended until the 16th November.

As discussed at the AGM, it is intended to resurface Angmering Lane in the New Year, once Estate Rates have been collected. 

Thank you for your kind consideration and patience during this time.

October 2019 update

Road Works – please take note! 

By now you will all have received notification by post of the resurfacing work of Tamarisk Way and repairing of the road around the Ridings Gate, which will take place in October this year.

The schedule of works is as follows:
The Ridings /Sea Lane works will start on Monday 21st October and will take approximately three weeks, during which time the gates will be closed. The work entails digging up and replacing the sub-structure of the asphalt road between Sea Lane and the start of the concrete road in The Ridings. Where kerbs have sunk or are broken, they will be replaced. Diversions signs will be put in Michel Grove and along The Ridings.

Work to resurface Tamarisk Way will start on Tuesday 29th October and will take approximately four days. The work will start at the Sea Lane Gate and move towards Angmering Lane.  The works should reach the junction of The Ridings on Day Two (30th) and the road will be usable immediately and the gate will open.

It would be helpful if residents and contractors could leave their vehicles away from the works for that time. No vehicles should be parked in Tamarisk Way from 8am on the 29th October.

During the closure of the Ridings Gate, it is intended to have both the Tamarisk and Angmering lane Gate open, and the weekend closures will be suspended from the 21st October until the 16th November.

If anyone has special needs and requires advice, please contact Hobdens as soon as possible to make us aware.

The contractors will make arrangements for Emergency Service access, should it be necessary. We have written to all the service providers asking if they have any planned works in Tamarisk Way.  However, if any resident has knowledge of the road being affected by any buildings works, please let us know immediately.

Please could residents with gravel drives clear away any gravel that has spilled from their drives onto the road. In order to maintain the condition of the new road surface in the future, we would ask property owners to consider methods to prevent gravel from their drives spilling onto the road.

As discussed at the AGM, it is intended to resurface Angmering Lane in the New Year, once Estate Rates have been collected. 

Thank you for your kind consideration and patience during this time.

August 2019 update

Plans are underway to resurface Tamarisk Way.  This work will commence on the 29th October 2019.  Work will start at the Tamarisk Way gate end and should take less than three days to complete.  We are in the process of contacting the utility companies to check their plans for any major works on the Estate, other than for emergencies, in the foreseeable future.  Emergency services will be informed prior to the work starting and provision will be made for emergency access.

Residents will also be aware of the condition of the road by the gates at the end of The Ridings onto Sea Lane.  The road surface is in very poor condition and the Board intends to repair this area of road at the same time.  This will require these gates to be closed for approximately two weeks, as the road will need to have a new base laid and kerbs will need to be re-installed. This work will start on the 21st October, to allow for the digging and preparation, and resurfacing will take place at the same time as Tamarisk Way, providing the WRA with a significant saving.  Diversions will be in place during these works.

Residents who are likely to be most affected by these road works will receive letters at the end of September, reminding them of the work and asking them not to have contractors working on their properties for the days that the work is taking place.  They will also be reminded that, if they need to use their vehicles during this time, they will need to park their cars away from the works.

We are very mindful that these works will cause some short-term disruption to residents and we would be very grateful for your patience, co-operation and forbearance during this time.  However much our contractors will work with us to mitigate noise and inconvenience, this type of work cannot be carried out without a certain amount of disruption.  If you have any specific queries or concerns about any aspect of the work, please contact us via Hobdens.

Willowhayne Carriageway Assessment – Independent Review 2019

below are some links with photographs to illustrate the Carriageway assessment review:

Angmering Lane photos & diagrams

Fosters Close, The Ridings & Tamarisk Way photos & diagrams

Myrtle Grove, Selhurst Close & Michel Grove photos & diagrams

Selbourne Way, Madehurst Close, Kithurst Close, Springfield Close, West Mead & West Ridings photos & diagrams

The Roystons, Cross Road, Pigeonhouse Lane & The Oaks photos & diagrams

November 2018 update

During the week of 10 December, urgent road repairs will be carried out at two locations.  The first is in Angmering Lane, at the junction with West Mead, where part of the concrete will be removed and the junction will be re-covered in asphalt, and the second location is in Tamarisk Way.

Works are scheduled for the week of 17 December for our contractor Sweeptech to clean the 187 gulleys we have across the Estate, jet the culverts and sweep the roads.

January 2018 update

A significant number of road repairs were carried out on the Estate during 2017. However, budget constraints meant that some repairs had to be held over until 2018. These repairs, together with areas identified subsequently, will be scheduled once the weather improves.

The main works will require closing West Ridings, at the junction with Angmering Lane, for a period of up to four weeks.  However, the full scope of the repairs will depend upon the budget remaining after essential drain repairs on Tamarisk Way and Middle Walk (see below).

Excluded from 2018 activity is any remedial work to the tarmac surfaces on Angmering Lane and Tamarisk Way, where signs of surface cracking and glazing are starting to appear.  The options range from a series of ad-hoc repairs, through the application of a surface dressing to complete resurfacing. These options will be considered and costs established over the next 12 months.

Also excluded for 2018 is the project to replace the worn sealant joints on the concrete roads with materials that are more resistant to cracking. Good seal joints can prevent water entering and causing the base to erode and crack.  All repairs over the last two years have used this material and the results have been excellent. Again, budgetary considerations will dictate the pace at which this work can be carried out.

Concrete Road Repairs Specification (pdf )

What does the WRA maintain?

The WRA maintains all the roads, which are part of the main Estate road system, regardless of actual ownership. The WRA does not own all of the roads, with some sections being owned by individual properties. Regardless of the legal ownership of these particular roads it has long been established that the WRA maintains these roads.

What does the WRA not maintain?

The WRA does not maintain or contribute towards the costs of maintenance of any access roads or driveways. There are several properties on the Estate that have specific covenants covering their property, which states that they either solely or jointly (with others) have responsibility for the cost of maintaining this access land.
The WRA does not maintain any driveway, even if this is accessed by shared properties.

The WRA does not maintain the verges. As the maintenance of the verges is important, residents are asked to prevent grass from verges encroaching onto the road. This prevents damaging the edges of the road surface and ensures that the free flow of surface water is not blocked or restricted into the drains in any way which would lead to standing of water, causing degradation of the road surface. If you occupy a property where the grass verge is not contained by some form of edging stone, you are asked to ensure that this is regularly trimmed back.

Road Safety Working Group

Following concerns raised at the 2017 AGM, regarding speeding on the Estate, a working group was set up, consisting of ten residents and chaired by a WRA Board Member. The working group is focusing on improving road safety across the Estate, to ensure that residents can enjoy the benefits of the Estate and walk and cycle safely.  It will examine options for consideration and adoption by the WRA membership.  The Working Group is carrying out various surveys to gather data connected with the issues outlined in the initial newsletter in October. Once these are completed, the Group aims to draw conclusions based on this data and put forward proposals for wider consideration.

Road Safety Working Group Update August 2018

A presentation on the work and findings to date, of the Road Safety Working Group, was given at the AGM in July. Data and Statistics distributed at the meeting can be found here.

Road Safety Working Group Data and Statistics 2018  (pdf)

The WRA Board is now considering the views and feedback from residents, along with recommendations from the Group, to decide on the way forward.

Road Safety Group Update May 2018

Following concerns raised at the AGM in 2016 and again in 2017, the Road Safety Group was set up to consider a number of issues and to investigate feasible solutions. Broadly those issues were:

  • Is there a speeding problem on the Estate?
  • Are traders the worst ‘offenders’?
  • Is the Estate being used as a ‘rat-run’?
  • Is there a safety risk on the Estate?
  • Is the Estate privacy being compromised by ‘tourism’, driving instructors, and others?

Between October 2017 and April 2018, traffic flow and speed check surveys were carried out at five different locations, between the hours of 8am and 6pm, during the working week in school term times. The surveys were conducted on 15 separate days and some were repeated to ensure the data collected was robust. The total number of vehicles surveyed was 2,901 and results indicated:

  • 13% of traffic use the Estate as a ‘rat-run’.
  • 50% of all traffic using The Ridings exceed the 20 mph limit.
  • 52% of all traffic using Myrtle Grove exceed the 20 mph limit.
  • 65% of all traffic using Michel Grove exceed the 20 mph limit.
  • 70% of all traffic using Angmering Lane exceed the 20 mph speed limit.
  • 20-30% of all traffic using other roads on the Estate exceed 25 mph.
  • The worst ‘offenders’ are residents and other car drivers.
  • There is no evidence that driving schools regularly use the roads.
  • There is evidence that there are a small number of dog walkers and cyclists who use the Estate roads as ‘tourists’.

The group is now working on solutions to begin to tackle these issues and will prepare a more detailed report for the AGM. 

We welcome your feedback, thoughts and any suggestions you may have in relation to this work.  Please email us at or write to Road Safety Working Group, c/o Hobdens Property Management, 41a Beach Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5JA

March 2018: The second Road Safety Working Group’s newsletter has now been distributed to each household on the Estate and is also available below:

WRA Road Safety Newsletter Issue 2  (pdf)
WRA Road Safety Newsletter Issue 1  (pdf)

The Highway Code rules for pedestrians  (pdf)

We welcome your feedback, thoughts and any suggestions you may have in relation to this work.  Please email us at or write to Road Safety Working Group, c/o Hobdens Property Management, 41a Beach Road, Littlehampton, BN17 5JA

Questions we often get asked

How do I know what road repairs are being done?

Details of road repairs are published in the newsletter, along with the cost.

What do I do if I think an area of road needs attention?

Please contact Hobdens and they will forward your concerns to the appropriate Director.

What is the WRA’s responsibility regarding Pigeonhouse Lane?

Only the properties on the eastern side of Pigeonhouse Lane are classed as being “on” the Willowhayne Estate and as such the WRA is only responsible for maintaining this side of the road. This inevitably causes problems, with responsibility for the western side of the road falling to the Western side properties.

Does the WRA maintain the road of Fosters Close?

No, Fosters Management Ltd. is responsible for the management of Fosters flats and the road and gate of Fosters Close. The members of Fosters are the flat owners only, but the houses have a responsibility to contribute equally to the maintenance of the road, gate and associated verges i.e. 1/21st i.e. 10 flats and 11 houses.

I have a shared access road. Will the WRA cover the cost of any repairs?

No, responsibility for repairs to access roads will be clearly detailed in the covenants of the property, which owns the land. Maintenance is usually shared equally between all the properties, which have the benefit of access over this land, but you will need to check the covenants of your property for exact details.

What do I do if my neighbour won’t contribute towards the maintenance of a shared access road or driveway?

In the first instance you need to check both yours and your neighbour’s deeds and covenants to clarify where responsibility lies. Once you have ascertained responsibility for the cost of maintenance you need to speak directly to the responsible person. If talking fails, you will need to employ the services of a solicitor to act on your behalf. The WRA cannot intervene on your behalf.

Will the WRA cover any costs towards the maintenance of my driveway?

No. Responsibility for this lies with the property owner.

What materials can be used for my driveway?

There are no restrictions on the choice of materials residents may use. However, residents must ensure that the drive does not extend onto the road in any shape as surface water flow will be blocked or restricted to the detriment of the general road surface.

Small pea shingle gravel from driveways cans cause real damage to the top road surface, as they fall into the road way and then get driven over by vehicles. Gravel encroaching onto the roads can also lead to surface water flow being restricted or blocked. Owners of this type of drive are asked to make sure you regularly sweep the stones back onto your drive so that you do not cause what is avoidable damage.

Any new drives where gravel is used should include a suitable retention method of at least 12” to minimize gravel encroaching on the road surface.

Residents may wish to consider installing ducting for future BT connections when carrying out any driveway works to avoid further disruption. BT can supply conduit for this purpose and a request should be made to Hobdens.

What do we do if we are having building works carried out?

It is unacceptable to leave building supplies in the road, especially unlit and without any warnings. If you are having building works it is your responsibility to ensure that your builder and their supplies are kept within the curtilage of your property. If there is an absolute need for the road to be used you must ensure prior permission is obtained from the WRA and the materials are lit at night and with adequate warnings. Any damage caused by materials left on the road or Estate owned verges will be charged to the property owner