Maintenance of estate roads

The daily maintenance of the estate is an important part of the Willowhayne Resident’s associations’ remit and one which involves an enormous amount of effort from both the directors and various specialist contractors that we employ.

The WRA maintains all the main estate roads which are part of the estate road system, regardless of ownership. Not all of these roads are owned by the WRA –  some sections of the main estate roads are owned by individual properties. Regardless of the legal ownership of these particular roads it has long been established that the WRA will maintain these roads and residents will maintain the verges outside of their property.

The WRA will not maintain any access roads. There are several properties on the estate that have specific covenants covering their property, which states that they either solely or jointly (with others) have responsibility for the cost of maintaining this access land. The WRA will additionally not maintain any driveway even if this is accessed by shared properties. In all these cases the WRA will not contribute towards any maintenance costs.

Encroaching grass from verges not only contributes towards damaging the edges of the road surface it also obscures the free flow of water into the drains. We ask that if you occupy a property where the grass verge is not contained by some form of edging stone that you annually trim back.

Small pea shingle gravel pieces cause real damage to the top road surface , the small pieces of gravel fall into the road way and then get driven over by cars going on and off the drive way and also cars in general using the road. We ask that if you are an owner of this type of drive please can you make sure you regularly sweep the stones back onto your drive so that you do not cause what is avoidable damage.

The maintenance committee, in conjunction with our contractors (currently Tidy & Webb Ltd) undertake a full visual inspection of all the roads, twice a year. These road inspections are generally undertaken in early spring and late autumn, with additional inspections being undertaken if a problem is advised. During the biannual inspections a full report is compiled, detailing work that requires immediate attention through to minor defects that need to be placed on a watch list. The committee will obtain a quotation for the work that requires immediate attention and arrange for the appropriate work to be undertaken.

Due to the age of the estate, our roads constantly need reviewing and repairing.

A schedule of repairs for May 2017 can be found Here.
Preventative maintenance is also being reviewed for the tarmac surfaces across the Estate, which are starting to show signs of deterioration. 

To see the full schedule of repairs completed in 2016, please follow the link below:

Repairs Completed 2016

It is unacceptable to leave building supplies in the road, especially unlit and without any warnings.  If you are having building works it is your responsibility to ensure that your builder and their supplies are kept within the curtilage of your property.  If there is an absolute need for the road to be used you must ensure prior permission is obtained from the WRA and the materials are lit at night and with adequate warnings.  Any damage caused by materials left on the road or estate owned verges will be charged to the property owner.

Questions we often get asked

“How do I know what road repairs are being done?”

Details of road repairs are published in the newsletter, along with the cost.

“Why do you not just repair complete sections of roads?”

Our roads are generally in fairly good repair with only surface damage. To repair entire sections would be unnecessary.

“How much does it cost to repair sections of roads?”

To resurface a 50m section of asphalt road, the cost is approx. £8,592, the same length of concrete road would be £35,994.

“What does this cost mean in terms of costs for an entire road?”

As an example, the total length of Angmering Lane is approximately 920m and £158,000 would be the cost to do the whole road.

“What do I do if I think an area of road needs attention?”

Please contact Hobdens and they will forward your concerns to an appropriate Director.

“What is the WRA’s responsibility regarding Pigeonhouse Lane”

Only the properties on the eastern side of Pigeonhouse Lane are classed as being “on” the Willowhayne estate and as such the WRA is only responsible for maintaining this side of the road. This inevitable causes problems, with responsibility for the western side of the road falling to the Western side properties.

“Does the WRA maintain the road of Fosters Close?”

No, Fosters Management Ltd., is responsible for the management of Fosters flats and the road and gate of Fosters Close.   The members of Fosters are the flat owners only but the houses have a responsibility to contribute equally to the maintenance of the road, gate and associated verges i.e. 1/21st i.e. 10 flats and 11 houses.

“I have a shared access road.  Will the WRA cover the cost of any repairs?”

No, responsibility for repairs to access roads will be clearly detailed in the covenants of the property which owns the land. Maintenance is usually shared equally between all the properties which have the benefit of access over this land, but you will need to check the covenants of your property for exact details.

“What do I do if my neighbour won’t contribute towards the maintenance of a shared access road or driveway?”

In the first incident you need to fully check both yours and your neighbour’s deeds and covenants to clarify where responsibility lies. Once you have ascertained responsibility for the cost of maintenance you need to speak directly to the responsible person. If talking fails, you will need to employ the services of a solicitor to act on your behalf. The WRA cannot intervene on your behalf.

“Will the WRA cover any costs towards the maintenance of my driveway?”

No.  Responsibility for this lies with the property owner.


Speed Humps in Estate Roads

The issue of speeding in certain areas of the estate has long been a concern to both residents and the WRA Board of Directors. As you will be aware, from both the AGM and the August 2015 newsletter, the Board feel that residents of each road should have more of a say in what traffic calming measures if any, are installed in their particular road.

 Myrtle Grove

We have received several requests for speed humps to be installed in Myrtle Grove and as such we felt it appropriate to write to all residents directly affected of such an installation.
Residents were asked for their views and comments to the following questions.

  • Do you feel that speeding is an issue in Myrtle Grove?
  • Would you be happy for speed humps to be installed in Myrtle Grove? (Yes or No only please)
  • Do you have any thoughts/concerns on the installation of speed humps?

Letters were sent to all residents in Myrtle Grove and Selhurst Close with replies being required no later than the 14th October 2015, so that all views could be fully considered.
47.5 % of residents responded to our letter and, of these, 58% did not want speed humps and 42% were in favour of speed humps being installed.
The decision as to whether the Board should progress the installation of speed humps was to be based upon a majority view made solely by the residents in Myrtle Grove and Selhurst Close.   In view of the above results, the decision is that speed humps will not currently be installed.

Michel Grove

A similar letter was sent to the residents of Michel Grove and 46 % of residents responded to the survey. Of those who responded, 66 % did not want speed humps with 33% of respondents wanting speed humps.  In view of the results, speed humps will not currently be installed in Michel Grove.