BuildingBuilding Application Procedure

In the interests of all residents on the estate there are covenants on estate properties which include the requirement for additions and alterations to be approved by the Willowhayne Residents’ Association (WRA) Limited.

If you wish to alter or extend any building within your property, or wish to make an excavation for a garden wall etc. then you should apply for written consent from the WRA before proceeding with the work.

The WRA welcomes the opportunity to provide help and advice early on in any planning procedure.  It is sympathetic to past concerns of applicants and therefore the procedure has been simplified and the requirements reduced.

Property alterations have been categorised by the WRA in three ways:  Small and Large Building works and New Builds.

Small Building Works

These would generally come under the category of works which would not require the local authority’s permission.  In these cases, we would ask for a simple plan of your existing property, the boundaries of your land, the proposed works (in a different colour if possible) and a covering letter explaining your intentions. These should be sent to Hobdens Property Management Ltd., with a cheque in their favour for £108 inc. VAT, to cover their administrative costs.

These plans would be passed to the Planning Committee for discussion and, if considered appropriate, your neighbours will be consulted.  Should objection be received from consulted neighbours, these will be considered by the WRA.  If the WRA considers any objection to be valid, then this will be discussed with the applicant to see if a satisfactory solution can be found.

However, it is emphasised that it is not within the WRA’s mandate to get involved with neighbourly disputes and any decision made by the WRA is final. If the committee feels a site visit necessary, this would be arranged through Hobdens at your convenience.

The Planning Committee will normally approve plans within three weeks, provided there are no objections. If there are neighbour objections, or the Committee is not unanimous, your application will then be passed to the full Board for consideration, which could take longer.

Large Building Works

These are any that require local authority approval.  At the same time as you apply to the local authority you should send three copies of the plans to Hobdens with an administration fee of £216 inc VAT.  The procedure will be similar to the small building works although a site visit will almost certainly be needed. If there are objections from the WRA, then representation will be made to the local authority and consultations will take place with the applicant.

All works in this category will be approved or otherwise by the Planning Committee, but the decision will have to be approved by the full Board at its next meeting.  When the plans get the go ahead, the applicant should sign a formal contract – an exchange of letters – with the WRA, agreeing to simple conditions such as hours of work, a ban on workmen’s radios, washing down of roads etc.


Building works involve a considerable amount of wear and tear on our roads and it is unfair that the estate as a whole should bear the costs.  So there will be a further charge once the plan is approved and which is based on the charges outlined on the schedule attached.  There will also be a £500 or £1000 deposit, which will be refundable upon satisfactory completion of the project and in lieu of any damage to the estate roads and verges.

The exception to the above will be for completely new developments or those where an existing property is to be demolished and a new property built.  In these cases the application fee will be £360 inc. VAT and the road charge will be £5,000.  A £2,000 refundable deposit will also apply.  Related and legal and survey fees (should a survey be required by the Board) will be payable by the applicant.

The Board is committed to the existing covenants and will make sure that these are maintained.   All charges quoted apply for 2016 and are subject to annual review. The Board Members ask all residents to co-operate with them in their efforts to try to maintain and improve the estate for the benefit of all.  This is their sole objective.

Building Supplies Left in the Road

It is unacceptable to leave building supplies in the road, especially unlit and without any warnings.  If you are having building works it is your responsibility to ensure that your builder and their supplies are kept within the curtilage of your property.  If there is an absolute need for the road to be used you must ensure prior permission is obtained from the WRA and the materials are lit at night and with adequate warnings.  Any damage caused by materials left on the road or estate owned verges will be charged to the property owner.

Questions we are often asked

“If I am having building works, what are the rules on contractors’ signage?”

Contractors’ work signs should be removed within a short time (usually less than three days) after the work is completed.  If signs are not removed within this timescale, the WRA may remove and dispose of them (with no recourse).


“How do I know what planning applications have been received by the WRA?”

If you are considered a ‘consulted neighbour’, Hobdens will write to you advising you of the application and ask for your comments/feedback (if any) to be advised within a set period of time. Not all works require neighbour consultation. If you are not considered a ‘consulted neighbour’, you will not be advised of any such applications.

“How do I know what planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council?”

Arun District Council updates its website on a weekly basis with details of submitted planning applications. To view these applications, you need to simply check Arun’s website using the following link:


Willowhayne Estate, East Preston
Charges for Building Works

Type of works  Charge Deposit
Alterations to existing building/hard standings where no additional floor area is created. Nil Nil
Extensions with floor area less than 40 sq. metres £300 £500
Extensions with floor area over 40 sq. meters but less than 75 sq. metres £500 £500
Extensions over 75 sq. metres £1,000 £1,000
New House £5,000 £2,000
Swimming pools £1,000 £1,000
Refurbishment of driveways. Nil Nil

As from 2015