Angmering Entrance-LB

Estate gates, access and parking regulations

In January 2019, residents were asked to vote on whether they agreed that weekend gate closures, involving the Angmering Lane gate and The Ridings gate, should be in place.  Of 390 properties on the Estate, 231 valid votes were returned, giving a turnout of 59.2% of those eligible to vote.  There were 145 votes in favour of gate closures and 86 against.

The weekend gate closures therefore commenced in April 2019 with The Ridings gate being closed each Saturday from 8am to 6pm and the Angmering Lane gate being closed each Sunday from 8am to 6pm.

Tamarisk Way gate

This gate is permanently closed with access restricted to residents only.

In 2012, voting slips went out to all households regarding preferred access arrangements through the Tamarisk Way gate. 61% of the returned votes were in favour of a padlock and key option and as such this became the implemented scheme.

Keys cost £8.00 each. If you would like to purchase a key for this gate, please write to Hobdens, enclosing both a stamped address envelope and a cheque made payable to WRA Ltd.

We would respectively request all residents who use this entrance to shut the gate and lock it each time they enter or exit the Estate – even if you are just popping into the village! We are not looking to allow access through this entrance to non-residents and as such we would appreciate your cooperation.

Parking regulations and parking charge notices

The Estate operates a ‘no parking on Estate roads’ policy.  This is to ensure that the Estate is preserved from the clutter of vehicles and, more importantly, to safeguard pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists etc.
 Our lack of pavements and street lightning can often leave pedestrians feeling vulnerable to danger, particularly when this is combined with vehicles that flout the 20mph speed limit.  Parked cars limit visibility for all road users and increase the chances of an accident occurring.

There should be no caravans, motorhomes, large vans (larger than standard short wheel based panel transit size/style) or commercial vehicles parked for extended periods, including overnight stays, without Willowhayne Residents’ Association’s (WRA) permission.

The “P” symbols on our information signs (as you enter the Estate) indicate that we operate a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) policy.  The signs re-enforce and make sure that anyone who parks on the Estate roads without the express permission of the WRA will be subject to an invoiced charge for parking on private land.

Current legislation does not permit wheel clamping.  However, providing the permit parking logo is displayed on all entrances, we can issue PCNs to offending vehicles.

The majority of residents support and adhere to this policy, which is meant to act as a deterrent.  However, there are always some who feel that the rules do not apply to them or their contractors/visitors.

We are now left with no alternative than to start issuing PCN notices to vehicles, including those owned by residents, which are parked overnight on the roads and where prior permission has not been obtained.  Vehicles parked in a dangerous manner, or where contractors are parked on the roads outside of permitted working hours, will also be liable for the issuance of a PCN notice.

The PCN process 

From time to time, residents may experience problems with vehicles parking within the curtilage of their property without prior permission.  This problem is often exacerbated when protracted building works are being undertaken and contractors’ vehicles are not kept within the curtilage of the property being developed.

If it becomes an on-going problem, our advice would be for you to first of all contact the owner of the vehicle or the owner of the property and request that the vehicle in question be moved.

If this request is ignored, we would advise placing a pre-PCN notice on the windscreen of the vehicle. This will warn the driver that further re-occurrences could result in a PCN being issued.  This notice can be found below: (Click image for full size)

If the problem still persists and a PCN needs to be issued, then you will need to note the following information:

  • The vehicle make and description
  • The vehicle registration number
  • Details of what action you have already taken and how long the problem has been occurring

Please contact Hobdens with this information, and they will contact Ethical Parking in order for a PCN to be issued.  Ethical Parking will attempt to arrive on the scene within two hours.

Please note that once a PCN has been issued it cannot be rescinded and you will not receive any of the fees, which are collected through the issuance of a PCN.

We would recommend all residents who are having any form of building work carried out, that, if their contractors’ vehicles cannot fit within the curtilage of their property, then they should obtain written permission from the neighbouring properties.  This written permission should include details of vehicle registration numbers and timescale the agreement covers.  We would suggest this written permission is sent to Hobdens to hold on record.

Access to the greensward for disabled people

In 2014 we had a complaint from a resident regarding access to the greensward for disabled people. The WRA commissioned a report to determine what, if anything, needs to be done in order to comply with any regulations. A copy of the final report can be downloaded here.

Disability Access Audit 

Questions we often get asked

“What do I have to do if I need to park on the Estate roads?”

Please contact Hobdens at least 72 hours before, so that permission can be obtained and approved. Failure to request permission could result in a PCN being issued.