Angmering Entrance-LB

Estate gates, access and parking regulations

In January 2019, residents were asked to vote on whether they agreed that weekend gate closures, involving the Angmering Lane gate and The Ridings gate, should be in place.  Of 390 properties on the Estate, 231 valid votes were returned, giving a turnout of 59.2% of those eligible to vote.  There were 145 votes in favour of gate closures and 86 against.

The weekend gate closures therefore commenced in April 2019 with The Ridings gate being closed each Saturday from 8am to 6pm and the Angmering Lane gate being closed each Sunday from 8am to 6pm.

Tamarisk Way gate

This gate is permanently closed with access restricted to residents only.

In 2012, voting slips went out to all households regarding preferred access arrangements through the Tamarisk Way gate. 61% of the returned votes were in favour of a padlock and key option which therefore became the implemented scheme.

Any resident requiring a key to the Tamarisk Way gate should contact Hobdens for information.

Residents using this entrance are requested to ensure that the gate is shut and securely locked each time you enter or leave the estate.

Information for road users and pedestrians

  • A speed limit of 20mph applies across the estate
  • Parking on estate roads and verges is not permitted
  • Parking should be confined to residents’ driveways, for the safety and protection of all users
  • There should be no caravans, motorhomes, commercial vehicles or vans larger than standard short wheelbase panel transit size/style parked for extended periods, including overnight stays, without WRA permission
  • Public access to the shoreline is not available from the estate
  • Entrance gates are liable to closure
  • CCTV is in operation on the estate


Because the Willowhayne Estate has no footpaths, pedestrians who may have prams, dogs, mobility scooters, etc, normally walk on the roads. The WRA doesn’t have the resources to police parking to ensure the safety of residents, so we ask all residents to:

* Ensure that all visitors to a property park on the drive and not on the road.

* Ensure contractors’ vehicles park on the drives when carrying out work.

* Agree with a neighbour to allow parking on their drive when several vehicles are visiting your property.

* Seek agreement from the WRA via Hobdens when exceptional parking on the roads is necessary.

* Speak politely to neighbours about the problem if they don’t comply, and advise Hobdens of the outcome if needed.

Parking control notices can be placed on vehicles contravening this request. The security guards report details of any vehicles they find on estate roads in the early hours of the morning, and these cases will be followed up with the residents concerned. Please note that the WRA stickers which were issued in the past aren’t intended to be used as a license for parking.

The onus is on all residents to help prevent parking on our roads, and we’d appreciate your help in achieving this.

PCN (parking control notice) procedure

From time to time, residents may experience problems with vehicles parking within the curtilage of their property without prior permission. In such circumstances the PCN policy can be followed, as shown below.

In the first instance, contact the vehicle owner or resident and request that the vehicle be removed.

If this request is ignored, we would advise placing a pre-PCN notice on the windscreen of the vehicle. This will warn the driver that further re-occurrences could result in a PCN being issued.  This notice can be found below: (Click image for full size)

Please note that the estate security patrols will be placing a pre-PCN notice on the windscreen of any vehicles parked on the estate roads overnight and details will be logged, as this can cause a particular safety hazard for pedestrians.

If the problem still persists and a PCN needs to be issued, then you will need to note the following information:

  • The vehicle make and description (a photograph is helpful)
  • The vehicle registration number
  • The date and time the vehicle was noticed
  • Details of what action you have already taken and how long the problem has been occurring

Please contact Hobdens with this information and they will record the details pending further action.

The WRA recommends that, where residents are having any form of building work carried out and their contractors’ vehicles cannot fit within the curtilage of their property, they should advise their neighbours that work is being undertaken and make every effort to minimise inconvenience that may occur.

To see a flow chart describing the PCN procedure, click on this link

Access to the greensward for disabled people

In 2014 we had a complaint from a resident regarding access to the greensward for disabled people. The WRA commissioned a report to determine what, if anything, needs to be done in order to comply with any regulations. A copy of the final report can be downloaded here.

Disability Access Audit 

Questions we often get asked

“What do I have to do if I need to park on the Estate roads?”

Please contact Hobdens at least 72 hours before, so that permission can be obtained and approved. Failure to request permission could result in a PCN being issued.