The Willowhayne Board places great emphasis on security. The threat of crime is no worse on the Willowhayne Estate than anywhere else but we take additional steps for safety, by employing a private security firm.

The current contracted security firm is: Advance Guarding Ltd., 95 Arundel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3EU.       Website:

For security reasons we will never publish patrol hours but the Estate is patrolled constantly throughout the designated shift.

Currently a team of 7 properties act as “Guard signatories”. Each evening the guards will sign on with the appropriate property, where they pass on and receive any messages relating to any security concerns. Every evening a security report is left with a duty director, detailing any incidents which may have occurred. If you would like to assist with the signing on of the guards please let us know so you can be added to the rota.

Questions we often get asked

“Can I contact the guards?”

Yes, their contact numbers are:

Control room at 01903 277345
The control room will then contact the onsite guard.

“I never see the guards”

Please bear in mind that this is a large Estate and the guard cannot be at all places all of the time and in the evenings when the guards are patrolling most of us will have our curtains drawn. We do have a system in place where by the guards have to touch various security logging points around the Estate throughout their shift and this logs exactly what time they are at a particular point.

“Should I phone the Police or the guards?”

If you are at all concerned we would recommend in the first instance that you call the Police, especially if a crime is being committed or about to be committed or if the suspects are still in the area. Always contact the police on 999.

If you feel the nature of the incident does not warrant a 999 call, then either contact the Police on 101 or the guards.

“How will the security guard know who to contact if my security alarm goes off when I am out?”

The security guards do not keep a list of contact numbers for this purpose. If the guards hear a security alarm going off, they will patrol the exterior of your house to check if it looks secure. If the guards see that your house has been broken into, they will contact the Police on your behalf.


“Why do we spend this amount of money on security?”

A questionnaire was sent to all residents in July 2013 seeking opinions on the level of security cover and expenditure. Results were as below.

189 properties responded to the questionnaire, this being a response rate of 49%.

Existing level of security to continue Security to be reduced to cover weekends and school/bank holidays Security to be suspended  completely
Yes No Didn’t Answer Yes No Didn’t answer Yes No Didn’t answer
70.4% 24.8% 4.8% 28% 59.8% 12.2% 3.7% 82% 14.3%


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