Estate RULES

The Estate rules published below have been generated by the Willowhayne Residents’ Association to provide guidance to Estate residents on what (in the view of the Association) constitutes good neighbourly practice within the Estate.

It is strongly believed these rules, if observed; will enhance the Estate environment and ensure that its peaceful enjoyment by the residents is not disturbed.

The rules are not intended to be officious in nature and were generated for the general good of the Estate, however it should be noted that many of the rules are supported by restrictive covenants that apply to some or all of the Estate plots.

The rules are not listed in any order of priority and may over time change to reflect new circumstances that impact the Estate.

  • Estate maintenance charges should be paid promptly when due, it should be noted that the late payment of Estate charges could result in an extra interest charge.
  • Nothing should be done that constitutes a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring properties.
  • All properties on the Estate are covered by restrictive covenants, which forbid the use of a property for anything other than a “Private Dwelling House” and explicitly state that “No trade manufacture or business of any kind and no boarding-house shall at any time be set up or carried on”.  These restrictions apply to the whole property and there are additional restrictive covenants on many properties.
  • There shall be no planting on WRA owned verges (without WRA permission).
  • All extensions, new building and alterations (however minor) should be referred to WRA. Not all works will require WRA permission. All enquiries are handled in a timely manner and you will quickly be notified if you are required to apply for full WRA permission and the procedure which you would need to follow.
  • Plot sizes as defined in the covenants cannot be varied without WRA permission.
  • No discharge of effluent, contaminated surface water or waste building materials shall be put down the drains. It should be noted the WRA will charge for any costs for making good any damage caused by such activity.
  • The 20mph speed limit on Estate roads should be observed.
  • No bonfires should be lit.
  • There should be no caravans, motorhomes, large vans (larger than transit size) or commercial vehicles parked for extended periods without WRA permission.
  • Contractors work signs should be removed within a short time (usually less than three days) after the work is completed.
  • Contractors working on Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday is to be discouraged.
  • The WRA discourage parking on all Estate roads without permission and may issue parking control notices to offending vehicles.
  • Bins should ideally be put out no earlier than the evening of the day before collection day.