Ground Maintenance

Our ground maintenance is carried out by our contractor, Chris Davey.  His work schedule is listed below.  Maintenance for areas which are not specifically owned by the WRA falls to the owner.  We also request that owners help to maintain the appearance of the Estate by cutting their verges and keeping gravel from drives swept back off the roads.

Ground Maintenance Schedule  (PDF)

Questions we often get asked

“What happens to the Estate’s garden waste?”

All green waste is taken to the Green Waste facility located at Stubbs Copse Woodyard, Crossbush Lane, Crossbush, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9PL

“Does the WRA get charged for taking waste to a green waste facility?”

Yes – we have to pay the appropriate rate at the time.

“If I have a request for work on the Estate, or identify an issue, who do I contact?”

Please contact Hobdens, who will arrange for someone to look at your request and to discuss it with you.

“What are the silver tags for on some of the trees on the Estate?”

These identify trees owned by the Estate and are maintained as and when required by tree surgeons appointed by the WRA.

“Who do I report a problem to about a dead fox?”

Problems involving any form of dead animals on the Estate are dealt with by Arun District Council; not by the WRA. There is a form on the Council’s website which enables the reporting of dead animals and any other street cleaning issues.  Our experience is that the Council does respond promptly to issues reported in this way. If you do report an issue, please let Hobdens know.