Maintenance of grass areas and estate owned trees

Grass Cutting

The Residents’ Association are responsible for maintaining certain grassed areas of the estate. These areas include the following:

Angmering Lane/Vicarage Lane – Roundabout

Angmering Lane

Grass area by the gates
outside 33 Angmering lane

Cross Road

corner of Cross Road & 19 Angmering Lane,
Twitten (next to Southern Water station)

Greensward and grass banks

The Roystons


The Ridings

Entrance gate
Long Island
Island (near Twitten)
West Island

Tamarisk Way

Gate Area

The Oaks


Pigeonhouse lane

Verge outside and between 52 & 55

Our current contractor for these works is Darren Cooper of Greenserve Grounds Maintenance.

Tree Maintenance

We have many trees on the estate, which greatly enhance our local environment and contribute to the estates’ character.

The Residents’ Association is responsible only for maintaining estate owned trees and hold formal records identifying their location. Each estate owned tree is marked with a metal tag, to assist identification and the condition of all estate owned trees is reviewed on an annual basis.

The Residents’ Association is currently responsible for the maintenance of the Greensward, Tamarisk Hedge and will once a year undertake maintenance. The maintenance programme for the hedge involves reducing the height to 2.5m, measured from the Greensward. It is anticipated that this maintenance work will be undertaken at the end of August/end of September, weather permitting. It is not envisaged that the depth of the hedge (sea side) or (Greensward side) will need reducing each year and will be undertaken as recommended by our current contractor.

Several trees on the estate are covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). The principal effect of a TPO is to prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or wilful destruction of protected trees unless permission has been given by the Local planning authority.

A map detailing the location of trees covered by a TPO, can be found on the Arun DC website.

All trees in Conservation Areas are protected if they have a stem diameter of 75 millimetres measured at 1.5 metres from ground level. In general, it is an offence under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for anyone to undertake work to a tree in a conservation area without giving the Council six weeks written prior notice. The notice period is for the Council to decide if the tree(s) should be protected from proposed work by a TPO.

There are currently 29 conservation areas within the local planning authority area. A full list can be found on the below link

It is an offence to work on a protected tree without consent and if unauthorised work takes place, the Council can (and does) take legal action which can lead to fines of up to £20,000.

Please therefore take time to check if any trees on your property are considered protected.

Our current contractor for tree surgery is D&T Tree Surgery (Anthony Duffield and Jonathon Thwaites

Trees on the island at Angmering Lane entrance

The trees on the island at the Angmering Lane entrance are the responsibility of West Sussex County Council’s Highway Department (01243 642105).  The Department undertakes an annual inspection of all its trees but otherwise relies upon members of the public to report any problems that they might see.

If you have any concerns about the trees on the island, please contact Hobdens or the Highway Department directly.

Dog fouling on Estate verges and greensward

There is an unacceptable level of dog fouling on the Estate verges and on the greensward. We have therefore asked the dog warden at Arun Council to patrol the area and to act where appropriate. She has advised us that she will carry out patrols of the Estate and that the Council is recruiting a team of people so that patrols can be increased throughout the district in the months ahead.

The dog warden has the power to issue a fixed penalty to offenders. Under the current dog control orders the penalty could be £50 – £80. By October this year, our understanding is that the dog control orders will be replaced by Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), which will increase the fixed penalty up to a maximum of £100. Under both Orders if a person is taken to court the maximum fine is £1000 and there could be costs in addition to that.

Under the PSPOs councils can keep the monies from fixed penalties and can also name and shame people after successful prosecution.

If you are a dog owner, please help to keep our Estate clean by clearing up after your dog if it has fouled.

Questions we often get asked

“How many times a year is the grass on the greensward and walkways cut?”

The grass on the greensward and common areas is cut weekly (weather depending) between March – October. Therefore, a total of 32 weekly cuts are scheduled. The grass banks are allowed to grow naturally to encourage flora.


“How many times a year are the other estate maintained grass areas cut?”

The current contract is for 40 cuts a year, during the growing season (April – October)

“How often are the grass banks on the greensward cut?”

Strimming of the banks on the Greensward, including the top is up to ten times a year during the growing season (April – October)

“Do you allow the estate grass contractor to cut the grass on a Saturday or Sunday?”

No, but we do allow work on Bank holidays

“Can I cut my grass on a Saturday or Sunday?”

Yes, we would however ask that you show consideration to your neighbours and not undertake any grass cutting activities before 09.00 on these days.

“What do I do if I have concerns over an estate owned tree?”

Please contact Hobdens with your concerns and they will arrange for a director to investigate

“Who do I speak to if I have I have concerns about my neighbours’ tree?”

In the first instance you need to speak directly to your neighbour