The Willowhayne Estate is a private Estate and it is maintained by The Willowhayne Residents’ Association Limited, WRA, on behalf of all the residents of the Estate.  The cost of this maintenance is paid for by an annual Estate Rates applied to every property on the Estate.

The rate applied to each property is based on the Council Tax band that the property is assigned by the local council.  A table of the current charges, by Council Tax band is given below.  The Estate Rates are due, in advance, on 1st January each year. Invoices will usually be sent out in the first few days of January. The targeted total amount to be raised will be £118,830 for 2019.

Our managing agents, Hobdens, keep our accounts and these are independently reviewed annually to ensure that the members can be assured that all appropriate accounting procedures are being followed. The Board reviews the expenditure regularly against budget.  A prudent reserve fund is maintained against unexpected large expenditures.  The reviewed accounts are presented to members at the Annual General Meeting. As approved at the 2018 AGM, the WRA will no longer be audited, as this is no longer legally necessary and would require many checks, which are not applicable or relevant to WRA. However, the accounts will be subject to an “independent financial review” by a fully qualified external accountant.  Our current accountants are Lucraft, Hodgson Dawes, based in Rustington.  Any enquiries about the accounts should be addressed to the WRA at Hobdens.

contact details.

Each year the AGM is presented with a proposed budget for the following financial year.  As the AGM is held in July, and the financial year starts in the following January, it is often necessary for the Board to amend this budget by the time the next financial year starts.  Any amendments are presented at the following AGM.

The WRA maintains insurance cover against third party risks on the roads, paths and common parts of the Estate and to cover the Directors for the risks of their positions on the Board.

This year’s AGM documents and historical documents can be downloaded from the ‘Next AGM’ and ‘Previous AGMs’ sections under the ‘Residents’’ tab of menu bar. The Residents’ password is obtainable from Hobdens.

Questions often asked

“When are the Estate rates sent out?”

The Estate rates are sent out at the beginning of each year, as near to the 1st January as possible.

“When is payment of the Estate rates due?”

Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

“Will I receive a reminder if I have not made my payment?”

Yes, you will be sent a reminder from Hobdens.  However this increases both our workload and administration costs and reduces the money we have available for spending on areas which would directly benefit the Estate.

“What methods of payment do you accept?”

Internet banking transfer or cheque are both acceptable methods. We do ask that, however you pay, you clearly mark the payment with the reference number shown on the invoice for ease of identification.


2019 Willowhayne Estate Rates
Chargeable Rates
Council Tax Band Ratio General Estate Rate  Pigeonhouse Fosters
Band A 1.00 £133.59 £103.72 £100.19
Band B 1.17 £156.30 £121.36 £117.22
Band C 1.33 £177.67 £137.95 £133.25
Band D 1.50 £200.38 £155.59 £150.29
Band E 1.83 £244.47 £189.81 £183.35
Band F 2.17 £289.89 £225.08 £217.41
Band G 2.50 £333.97 £259.31 £250.48
Band H 3.00 £400.76 £311.17 £300.57